Daniel Hardt

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania, 1993
  • Associate Professor, Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School
  • Associate Research, Department of Linguistics, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Co-founder, Doolittle Translation
Previous employment
  • Assistant/Associate Professor, Computer Science, Villanova University
  • Co-founder, LanguageLens
  • Theoretical Linguistics (Semantics and Discourse)
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Impact of Technology
Selected Publications
  • Daniel Hardt and Owen Rambow. Predicting User Views in Online News. Proceedings of the 2017 EMNLP Workshop: Natural Language Processing meets Journalism. 2017.
  • Daniel Hardt. Internal and external readings of same: Evidence for a uniform account. Sinn und Bedeutung 21. 2017. 
  • Pranav Anand and Daniel Hardt. Antecedent Selection in Sluicing: Structure and Content. Empirical Methods in NLP 2016.
  • Chris Zimmerman, Mari-Klara Stein, Daniel Hardt and Ravi Vatrapu. Emergence of Things Felt: Harnessing the Semantic Space of Facebook Feeling Tags. ICIS 2015.
  • Daniel Hardt, Line Mikkelsen. Same but Different. Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 38, No. 4, p. 289-314, 2015.
  • Chris Zimmerman, Yuran Chen, Daniel Hardt and Ravi Vatrapu. "Marius, the giraffe: a comparative informatics case study of linguistic features of the social media discourse." Proceedings of the 5th ACM international conference on Collaboration across boundaries: culture, distance & technology. ACM, 2014.
  • Julie Wulff, Daniel Hardt. Can You Trust Online Ratings? Evidence of Systematic Differences in User Populations. Proceedings of 22nd European Conference on Information Systems. 2014.
  • Daniel Hardt, Nicholas Asher, Julie Hunter. Ellipsis without Indices. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory. 2013.
  • Daniel Hardt, Line Mikkelsen, Bjarne Ørsnes. Sameness, Ellipsis and Anaphora. In Logic, Language and Meaning: Revised Selected Papers from the 18th Amsterdam Colloquium. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, p. 341-350. 2012.
  • Daniel Hardt, Julie Wulff;.What is the meaning of 5 Stars? An investigation of the expression and rating of sentiment. Proceedings of KONVENS 2012 , pp. 319-326, September 2012.
  • Daniel Hardt. A Uniform Syntax and Discourse Structure: The Copenhagen Dependency Treebanks. Dialogue & Discourse, Vol. 4, No. 2, p. 53-64. 2013.
  • Daniel Hardt. Ellipsis Resolution and Inference. Acta Linguistica, 2004. 
  • Daniel Hardt and Maribel Romero. Ellipsis and the Structure of Discourse. Journal of Semantics, 21(4), 2004. 
  • Nicholas Asher, Daniel Hardt, and Joan Busquets. Discourse Parallelism, Ellipsis, and Ambiguity . Journal of Semantics. 18.1. 2001. 
  • Daniel Hardt. Dynamic Interpretation of Verb Phrase Ellipsis. Linguistics and Philosophy, 22(2):187-221. 1999.

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